Our positioning Crosscut systems of the type F/SHK are the easiest solution for a precise final cut. By the positioning saw you cut stationary packs to the required length - at the millimetre. Proved in more than 5000 working systems worldwide. HOLTEC package Crosscut stations fulfil each requirement. And this is not mere chance as you are determining yourself the size, the operation mode and the cutting geometry (ES 121 or Vario Cut). Increase your productivity - with HOLTEC. Our engineers gladly accept any challenge.

Total Simplicity - Total Perfection:

  • Cutting accuracy ± 1 mm
  • Best cutting force distribution for perfect cross-sections
  • Safe, easy operation
  • Positioning and cutting function either manually, hydraulically and electrically
  • Electronic length display (on request)
  • System lengths up to 21 m
  • Waste evacuation systems optional


HOLTEC offer the SHK CNC-controlled Crosscut system for perfect fixed length or component length production: with a travelling package carriage and a stationary saw unit (ES 121 or Vario Cut). This system offers the ability for multiple cuts with total precision.

Multiple cuts with reliable precision:

  • Multiple cutting with cutting kerf opening
  • Electronic cutting kerf corrections, length measuring and cut counting
  • Automatic cutting sequence by CNC-control
  • Individually programmable package lengths
  • 50 programming memories
  • Simple control with protection against operating errors
    Cutting accuracy ± 1mm
  • Carriage lengths up to 10m
    Combinable with all current marking and packing plants
  • Waste evacuation systems optional


HOLTEC rollerway systems can be supplied as the ES 121 tilting saw or as the Vario Cut system. With this system your packages are cut efficiently with total precision. Rollerway systems are perfect for being used in production lines with feeding and take-off systems, in fully automatic. As with all HOLTEC systems they meet the Euro-Standard (CE) as well as the newest machine and EMU-directives.

Precision without respite:

  • Can be integrated into every production line
  • Fully automatic production process without interruption
  • Robust construction
  • Low costs per piece
  • One-man-handling

Additional information:

www.holtecusa.com | www.holtec.de

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